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capital one


For the 2017 NCAA tournament, we created two mini games called Snack Hoodie and Sam's Steaks that pair with Capital One's NCAA TV spots. Fans can access the games through Capital One's Facebook, Snap Ads & unlock-able Snap Codes. Check out a campaign recap video below, and keep scrolling for the rest of the campaign content. Also, we won a gold Clio Award in the sports category. 

Play the 2017 games here. Those averaged over 2 minutes of gameplay per user, and they had over 89k views.

And see the 2018 games here.

CD: Billy McDermott/Shelby Georgis  AD: Colleen Keesey/Emily Walton

Check out the Snap Ads, social post and game UX below.

This one is for Sam's Steaks.

And this one is for Snack Hoodie.